Tips For Picking A Great Laptop Bag

Tips For Picking A Great Laptop Bag

Once you have found the perfect laptop for your needs you need to consider protecting the laptop from all the physical threats that it faces on day to day basis. Since laptops are designed to be portable it only makes sense that a good laptop backpack is needed to protect your latest computer. Consider the following checklist when shopping for a laptop backpack to keep your laptop safe and secure.

- Style

- Sleeve

- Zippers

- Security

- Protection against the elements

- TSA Friendly

- Front Pockets

- Interior organizer

- Main compartment

- Water bottle pocket

- Tablet storage

- Adapters, chargers and cables

- Shoulder Straps and Handles


If you have a stunningly designed laptop, why not have a case that matches the high class style? Laptop case makers have caught onto this trend and make laptop cases in a variety of colors and designs, not to mention high end offerings of laptop cases made out of leather and other fashion oriented fabrics.


This is an important consideration. First you need to make sure that your 17 inch laptop can fit inside the laptop case. Whether you choose a sleeve or not your laptop backpack should fit your needs. Laptop sleeves are usually made of stretchy material that fits around the laptop like a glove, covering it in soft foam like fabric. Sleeves are good for those who want to slide their laptop into a backpack, suitcase, or simply shield the laptop from sun, wind, and dust when carrying it around.


When picking a bag, look for a good water resistant nylon and good quality zippers. Your zippers will get a lot of use on a daily basis. Look a 17-inch laptop backpack with durable nylon zippers. The company YKK makes some of the most durable bag zippers on the market.


When choosing a laptop case, consider security as well. Some higher end laptop cases feature locking zippers, combination locks, and hidden compartments. Some will question to point of a fabric case with a lock, so for ultra security needs consider a solid laptop case to protect your laptop.

Protection against the elements

If you need to travel with your laptop often and find yourself outdoors with your laptop, you’ll want to consider a laptop case that is weather resistant. Find one with a material that doesn’t allow water in. Be wary of laptop sleeves that might become wet and transfer that moisture to your laptop inside.

TSA friendly

The TSA now allows you to leave your laptops in any bag that meet their new checkpoint friendly requirements. Look for a bag with a laptop section that can be unzipped and placed on the belt without having to remove your laptop and put it in the tray.

Easy access front pocket

In the front of the bag, look for an easy access pocket. It’s the convenient place to put your boarding passes, passport, foreign currency any type of paperwork that you need quick access to.

Interior organizer panel

Second you need a good organizer panel with pockets to keep your keys, gadgets and miscellaneous electronics nice and organized so you would have to dig around to see what you have inside. A good place to store your extra ear buds, headphones, or daily snacks etc.

Main compartment

The main padded laptop compartment of the bag, must be big enough to easily accommodate a 17 inch laptop. This compartment can sometimes come with a separate laptop sleeve. In some they include a removable foam pillow that sits at the boot of the bag to provide extra protection.

Water bottle

Look for easily accessible mesh side water bottle holders that can also be use for some small item storage.

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