Best Lipsticks For Pale Complexion

Best Lipsticks For Pale Complexion

The best lipstick colors for pale complexions are those that are fresh rather than overpowering. Deep, bold lipstick colors can be suitable when drama is required or a sharp image is needed for a photography shoot. Softer shades however, can be the most flattering for everyday wear.

Pink lipstick

Pink colored lipstick can help women with a pale complexion look healthy and vibrant. Care needs to be taken so that the pink color chosen doesn’t have a white undertone, unless a 1960s look is required. The best pink shades to choose range from those that are slightly darker in contrast to skin tone to those that are far warmer.

Rose pink can be especially flattering on women with very pale skin, and tends to look great on individuals with delicate features and blond to mid brown hair. Women with darker hair may find they need to define their lips a little more, and a dusky rose or deeper plum color lipstick will do the trick.

Red lipstick

Red colored lipstick can be daring next to a pale skin tone. Therefore, unless this is the wearer’s aim, subtle reds that have an orange, rather than blue-based undertone tend to achieve the most appealing result.

A great method for applying red lipstick to achieve a natural looking effect is to use a fingertip to spread color over lips. This results in lips appearing flushed rather than heavily made-up.

Mauve lipstick

Women with pale skin need to be wary of using purple-based lipstick colors. Subtlety is the key to achieving the best result. Gentle plum-toned mauve colors, rather than blue-based purple tones, are the most flattering.

Orange lipstick

Just like white-based pink tones, orange lipstick colors can appear old fashioned and stale. Warm, pink-based orange lipstick colors can be flattering. Neon orange colors however, should be avoided, as they can make the wearer look ill.

Brown lipstick

Brown lipstick colors are not generally attractive next to pale-toned skin. Colors that appear muddy provide an unflattering result. Women who love brown-based lipstick can benefit from adopting a warm, plum-based brown that is light in tone, or mixing subtle brown lipstick with pink.

Burgundy lipstick

Burgundy lipstick can achieve a completely different result to subtle pink. Burgundy is a warm color, although not as severe as red. Used sparingly, it can add color and depth so that lips are more noticeable without makeup looking too obvious.

Women with a pale complexion have plenty of colors to choose from, depending on their mood and choice of venue. By avoiding brash colors and favoring subtle, fresh tones, women can achieve a great appearance with lipstick.

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