Beauty Shortcuts For Busy Moms

Beauty Shortcuts For Busy Moms

Beauty shortcuts for busy moms can save time and energy, both of which will be a welcome relief. It can seem tough trying to look and feel good when your day is taken up with numerous chores and childcare, not to mention the paid work you may try to squeeze in as well. Shortcuts to looking fabulous, despite your fast-paced schedule, can help you feel more like an attractive woman rather than a domestic drudge.


The key to fast and efficient beauty is to start with basics. Basics include clothing, hairstyle, makeup, fitness regimes and relaxation for inner beauty and calm. Get these right and they form a foundation on which to build that will get you through any occasion looking wonderful and feeling on top of things.

Basic wardrobe

Busy moms have little time to choose what to wear in the morning. They are likely to grab clothing that is closest to hand rather than carefully selecting garments and mixing and matching them with style. This is why so many attractive moms spoil their appearance by living in a tracksuit.

The way around this problem is to only have clothing that works well in combination. A selection of basic classics, plus accessories and a few special items of clothing will be all you need. Knowing that anything you reach for in the wardrobe is going to look great will save you time and boost your confidence.

You will need at least one pair of jeans to suit your body shape. Dark boot cut jeans suit most women and won’t show up marks left by children’s sticky fingers easily. Several pairs of classic pants in a neutral shade, several plain white tee shirts, two classic jackets, a cardigan and several sweaters can be chosen well so that they look great when you mix and match them.

A skirt that doesn't require ironing, a simple classic dress, black leggings, a silk scarf, sunglasses, fashionable large bag that will hold children’s goods as well as your own and a pair of stylish sunglasses will be all else you require for day-wear.

Get rid of clothes that make you feel frumpy and unattractive, plus those that don’t fit you or clash violently with other clothes. This way you are less likely to make a mistake when you dress in a hurry.

Basic hairstyle

Choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape and doesn’t take much maintenance. A classic bob or feminine pixie cut will be simple to care for. If you prefer to have longer hair, keep it neat and tidy with a regular trim, and get into the habit of wearing it either in a ponytail or as an easy up do.

A very quick up do can be achieved if you style your hair into a ponytail, before holding the ends and twisting your hair up the shaft to the top where a band holds it in place. With one hand keep holding the end of the twisted ponytail and with the other secure the twist with another band. Now coil hair into a snail shape at the back of your head, tucking in the end band so it’s no longer visible, and secure with several hairpins. Once perfected this hairstyle takes less than a minute to achieve and offers a smarter, more sophisticated look than a ponytail left to hang freely.

When it comes to hair maintenance, make sure split ends are cut off every six weeks and use an all in one shampoo and conditioner. If you are caught out, and really don’t have time to wash your hair, use dry shampoo to tide you over.

Basic makeup

Try to keep cosmetics to a minimum so that you don’t have to spend time searching for the product you want. Use makeup that is multipurpose, such as tinted lip and cheek stain, and a tinted moisturizer with a sun block included in the ingredients. Use petroleum jelly to keep your eyebrows neat and to add gloss to your lips, and have your eyelashes tinted in a beauty salon so you don’t need mascara during the day. If you go out at night, you can still add a touch of mascara for a more glamorous look.

Basic beauty products

Keep your skin smooth and lock in precious oils using jojoba, which mimics the body’s natural oils. Instead of having a full manicure, file and clean your nails each week before massaging jojoba into your cuticles. They will then shine and look attractive.

Fix under-eye bags the way professional models do, with hemorrhoid cream dabbed on them, and drink plenty of water to help keep your complexion glowing and your energy levels high.

Basic fitness regime

Not many moms have the time or energy to exercise beyond rushing around completing chores and dealing with responsibilities. However, the experts say that each week all that’s needed in order to stay fit is two and a half hours of exercising. One way to achieve this is to make a small amount of exercise each day part of your children’s routine and join in. Ball games in the park, swimming, walking the family dog and cycling all count and can provide extra quality time and fun for you with your children.

Basic inner calm

It’s hard for busy moms to feel relaxed and glow with an inner calm that reflects beauty if they feel frazzled. Cut corners to relaxation by listening to mindful music and subliminal CDs while carrying out tasks.

Busy moms can use a variety of beauty shortcuts that will help them look and feel attractive. By going back to basics and using multipurpose products, moms will find staying beautiful a cinch.

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